Catholic Alumni Partnership
St. Francis Xavier School is fortunate to have been chosen as one of more than 300 schools, across seven archdioceses and dioceses, participating in the Catholic Alumni Partnership (CAP).  CAP is a groundbreaking initiative that is enabling us to reconnect with and reengage our alumni.  In the Archdiocese of New York, we are one of 51 schools participating in a pilot program.  St. Francis Xavier School is working closely with CAP staff to identify our alumni and create opportunities for those individuals to once again become active members of our school community.  

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We Need Your Help
In January, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution honoring the contributions of Catholic schools to the nation - recognizing the academic and moral excellence instilled in students and congratulating schools for contributing to a brighter, stronger future for the country. We need your help in ensuring that St. Francis Xavier School remains a viable alternative to families who feel the same way. 

Today, we are struggling to keep tuition levels stable while costs continue to increase.  

  • On average, tuition in the Archdiocese of New York’s elementary schools covers only 65% of student costs.  We receive approximately $300 a student (or 6%) from government sources.  The balance must be funded by our supporters.

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  • Make check out to Catholic Alumni Partnership – St. Francis Xavier School
  • Mail it to: St. Francis Xavier School P.O. Box 1828; NY, NY 10150


(You will be redirected to the Catholic Alumni Partnership website, where your gift can be made to St. Francis Xavier School)